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XL Internet Marketing is a marketing and technological company that transforms businesses for the digital age. We exist to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes revolutionising all aspects of their business. To do this, we require a unique culture capable of supporting diverse talent. We call our collaborative way of working blending, and it’s central to everything we do – allowing us to take ideas from strategy and concept to launch and evaluate as quickly and effectively as possible.


  • Mobile App Development
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Online Event and Exhibition Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Brand Management
  • Live Webcasting
  • WhatsApp Marketing

Key Features

  • 1. 100% Transparent
  • 2. Practice What They Preach
  • 3. Stay Up To Date With Industry Changes
  • 4. Physical Location
  • 5. Selective With Whom They’ll Work With
  • 6. Report On Proper KPIs
  • 7. Mapped Out Plan


  • Mobile App Development- XLIM specializes in developing innovative & robust Android and iOS applications. With our profound knowledge of development processes, we deliver comprehensive Android and iOS applications catering to your diversified business needs.
  • Dynamic Website Development- In the recent period, businesses have an increasing demand for a reliable website. With the help of a certain platform, lots of functions are provided to the entrepreneurs. A dynamic website is the best tool to rely on when it comes to multiple purposes. Even without a professional knowledge about Dynamic Website Development, a business enthusiast can have one for his company. XLIM is considered as the most suitable service provider for developing an excellent website. With a reputable service provider, more opportunities will knock on your door. Numerous advantages will be yours.
  • Search Engine Optimization- When it comes to search engine optimization, our cost efficient solutions will provide you with essential tools in order to make sure that your website is ideally optimized for search engines and achieve higher ranking. Hence, if you want to get more organic traffic for your site, our SEO strategists will help you win the competition. With years of experience, it helps us in improving our services for more successful search engine optimization methods.
  • Social Media Promotion- Social media has become a part of people’s lives at this point in time. The power and leverage that such networking site commands is just growing. Stats show that social media has a big impact on buying options, trends, fashions, small industries, event-outcomes and many more and it has even overtaken TV in marketing and advertising. Blogs, reviews, sharing of information with peers, being influenced by what others are watching, doing, eating and using are the biggest drivers in marketing and advertising today.
  • Online Event and Exhibition Management- Empowering Successful Events for Businesses and Organizations in All Industries XL Internet Marketing is a leader in the industry of event management and providing you with all kinds of event solutions. We have for you a comprehensive platform designed to deliver all your event needs. On that note, we offer you extensive event management solutions such online registration, venue sourcing and the use of an event app technology for mobile communication.
  • Email Marketing- Email marketing is not just known for being cost-effective and easy to implement. It is also versatile tool that can help achieve many of your business goals. XL Internet Marketing (XLIM) will help you to make run your business less complicated in terms of the advertising aspect and choosing the campaign that can deliver the best return on investment.
  • Online Brand Management- These days, every business owner and entrepreneur knows that website and social media accounts are both crucial for reaching their customers, especially with today’s digital world. Whether you are a startup business or not, the creation of an online brand is a must in order to reach the majority of your customers who mostly spends their time online.
  • Live Webcasting- Making it Easy to Live Stream Events and Presentation to Your Audiences with Videos in High Definition In this age, webcasting is one of the innovations being leveraged by many companies and organizations from all industries and all sizes. They use webcasting as a means for them to reach and make an impact with events and meetings. Depending on what your business is, live webcasting is extremely useful in a number of ways.
  • WhatsApp Marketing- 

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